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Wholesale Jewellery

Sterling Silver Jewelry has been from ages and is among the most popular forms of body adornment. With the internet revolution it has become the most sold items as it is a cost-effective when compared to Gold. The Jewelry crafted out of Silver is not only to accessorize but happens to be a medium of express feelings. The demand for silver Jewelry has achieved new heights and thus people are opting more frequently.

Wholesale sterling silver is made up of 92.5% silver. Silver being a soft metal is easy to work with so craftsmen vouch for it. The flexibility of the metal makes it a great material to create any kind of design, especially intricate Jewelry designs.. The ever increasing demand makes it a perfect investment. The other major benefit accorded to purchasing and owning pieces of pure quality sterling silver is that is extremely easy to care.

Why Buy from Us

We sell online only for wholesaling purposes at best possible prices and better quality control. We own a huge collection which enables you to choose the items specifically for your target market. We have a live stock hence any design on our website is a ready to ship stock. You don’t have to wait much as we dispatch the shipment as soon as you order. We facilitate secured payment through PayPal if you do not want to disclose your credit card information to us.

Last but not the least, our services are known worldwide and our jewelries have been profitable for our customers.

Our collections

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Silver Earrings
Our range comprise of all kinds of Earrings from Chandelier and pretty studs to drop and linear. You may punctuate your look with these elegant earrings crafted from silver. Build your style with trendy pair of drop earrings suited for all occasions. Different shapes are available like oval, square and also other geometric patterns accentuated with terrific designs.

Silver Rings
Coordinate your favorite Jewelry with our Sterling Silver Ring collection. From single stone to multi-stone discover our range of single band to buckle rings & explore our variety of options and add pure quality sterling silver rings to your collection of Fashionable Jewelry.

Care for your sterling silver Jewelry
Store your Jewelry in cloths or bags which doesn’t tarnish
Store it in a cool and dry place
Do not clean it using toothpaste as generally it leaves scratches thereby we recommend use of polish clothes.
Shop our splendid collection of Fashion Jewelry, 92.5 Sterling Silver Jewelry, Gemstone jewelry at wholesale prices suiting all your needs.


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